Affordable and Clean Energy Decent Work and Economic Growth Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainable Cities and Communities Climate Action Partnerships for the Goals

Affordable and Clean Energy

Central to our mission is SDG 7 - ensuring equitable access to reliable, sustainable energy. By connecting job seekers with solar companies, we bolster the solar industry, enhancing clean energy availability. Professionals find roles in solar manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and research, directly advancing Goal 7.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Advancing solar energy drives Goal 8 - sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work. Enabling solar job opportunities aids the environment and boosts Dutch employment, fostering economic prosperity.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Our platform accelerates SDG 9 by spurring innovation and sustainable infrastructure for solar energy. Connecting job seekers with pioneering companies catalyzes the shift to renewables.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Urban sustainability is paramount in our mission. Our platform spotlights roles that shape sustainable urban development, such as green infrastructure designers and sustainable transportation specialists. By connecting professionals with positions that drive sustainable communities, we actively contribute to the objectives of SDG 11.

Climate Action

Solar energy combats climate change, making Goal 13 - urgent climate action - pivotal. We reduce emissions and fossil fuel reliance by bridging job seekers with solar firms, propelling climate action and the solar market.

Partnerships for the Goals bridges solar firms, job seekers, and development groups, embodying Goal 17's collaborative spirit. Strengthening partnerships amplifies our impact, vitalizing sustainable development's global cause.